Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What I'll Miss From Summer Vacation

This is not a Linky, just a post inspired by one written by Miss Trayers over at Not Just Child's Play. She wrote about what she'll miss from summer vacation, and I felt inspired to do the same.

1. Spending time with friends.
When you're a teacher there's really no time for a social life during the week, and naturally the little free time you have over the weekend you want to spend with your family. That makes time for friendships difficult to schedule (especially when your friends are also teachers!), compared to the freedom and flexibility of summer. Back in January I made a commitment to myself to meet my BFF in Chicago for brunch at least once a month, and it made such a difference in my well-being. I will be holding on to that this school year!

2. The ease of keeping the house clean.
This would seem counter intuitive, because I'm around a lot more to make a mess of things, but when work kicks in plus grad school, keeping up becomes a little more difficult. During the summer it's pretty darn easy to find a little bit of time during the day to clean, but during the school year I've got to keep to a pretty strict routine or things will get out of hand.

3. Time for reading!
I sooooo love to read! Reading time drops significantly once school returns.

4. Hanging out with my kitten.
We adopted a kitten this summer to keep our lonely cat (10 years old - quite the grumpy old man) company. He is such a cutie pie! The older cat spends most of his time during the day sleeping under the bed, and only comes out to socialize after about 4pm or so. The kitten spends most of his time hanging around me though, so we've had some good times. As I've started going in to work to organize my classroom he's become increasingly needy while I'm at home, so I hope he does well with the transition!


  1. Totally agree with you on time for reading. I have read more books this summer than I have read in a loooong time. That's also because I've been taking graduate classes for the past four years and always had required reading to do. I am hoping to finish two more books before school starts back up.

    1. I have a couple I'd like to finish too, because I know once school starts they may be sitting there half-read for who knows how long!

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  3. I had a really hard time keeping up with house work when I was completing grad school. Thankfully my husband pitched in a lot, or our house would have been a HUGE MESS. I have been really thankful for the hour each morning where I get up and just straighten and pick up the house, it seems to make all the difference in my attitude when I come home to a clean house in the afternoon.

    I've also been reading a lot. One that I really enjoyed this summer was Laura Hillenbrand's "Unbroken". It was a wonderful read.

    Hope you're enjoying the last little bit of your summer :)

    1. My husband gets home early on Fridays, and there were several of them this past year that I would come home to find that he had cleaned the kitchen for me - this knocked my stress level waaaaay down, made it easier for me to enjoy the Friday night, and made me love him more than ever!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out Denise! :) I also applaud that you can keep your house clean, I have no excuses because I certainly had the time, but definitely could have been better on that front. Awww, your kitten sounds adorable-I'm sure he'll make the adjustment to your new schedule. :)