Saturday, August 3, 2013

No Names

Why I stopped accepting no-name papers during fourth quarter last year. This was from one week. One week.


  1. I was looking at this picture and feel so bad for you! I was wondering what the paper was with the mickey heads and the castle? (I adore the Mouse!!)

    1. Yep, I think I actually swore out loud that week while I was grading. I mean, come ON!

      Ah, a "Mousehead," are you? The page with the Disney clip art was the bellwork sheet for that week for the classes in the Child Development unit. In each of the Mickey heads they had to jot down a difference between an infant and a toddler, on the castle they had to write three sentences explaining their personal opinion on whether it's easier to take care of a baby or a toddler. On the back were "Minnie" bows, Donald Duck heads, and silhouettes of Cinderella, Tink, and Ariel.

      The different shapes helps keep things interesting, and a lot of times jumpstarts some discussion.

      Thanks for reading!