Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Don't You Miss Having Summers Off?

One of the first questions I'm always asked related to my former teaching career is "Don't you miss having summers off?" The answer is a resounding NO. Why? Pay very close attention...


That is crazy talk that can only pass through the lips of people who have no idea what they're talking about. Summers off, p-shaw. Yeah, sure, except for:

  • All of the professional development we need that schools won't provide subs for during the school year (or registration fees, travel costs, etc)
  • Redesigning previous curriculum
  • Planning new curriculum
  • Studying up on new techniques, technologies, and standards
  • Coaching summer camps, leagues and tournaments (school coaches are tied up year-round, not just the regular season) - not to mention fundraising!
  • Packing/moving classrooms when you're unlucky
  • Deep-cleaning/re-organizing classrooms when you get to stay
  • Working summer jobs to make ends meet (some districts may offer to spread it out over a year, but remember teachers only get paid for ten months)
  • Getting in as much "quality" family and friend time as possible, because you won't see them much August-May
  • Mentoring new teachers
  • Reading, researching, repeating............
This is my second summer "working," and I'm telling you, it is not a big deal. I have no pressure to cram everything in before I lose all of my free time again. I am not constantly thinking about all of the prep work for the next year that I still have to do and am running out of time for. And, I don't have well-intentioned (and often very ill-intentioned) people saying ridiculous things to me like "It must be so nice to have summers off."
For all of you teachers out there, I hope you are fitting in some fun along with all of the work you have to accomplish this summer. You deserve it after all of the hard work and sacrifice of the school year!

For all of you non-teachers out there, stop saying stupid things about having summers off.