Friday, September 22, 2017

Why We Need Home Ec, Part 5

Stephen Moore: "People want insurance for their own families, not for other people's families."


Quote at 2:43 below:

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Never Cook the First Day of the Week

One of my hard and fast rules for Foods classes is we never cook the first day of the week. Here's my rationale:

  1. As we all know students tend to suffer a massive though usually temporary memory loss over the weekend related to classroom procedures, rules, and generally how to act in school :) Throw in what they've forgotten about the recipe you're working on, and it's utter chaos.
  2. You have enough to do over the weekend without piling on school grocery shopping. Amiright?
  3. This buys you one more day to do laundry if you're behind on the towels. Nothing worse than not having enough clean towels.
  4. After the first few weeks, there's always one day of the week when you won't be asked "Are we cooking today?" (as if there are ever, ever surprise cooking days). On the occasions when students forget what day it is and ask, the other students are usually all to happy to answer the question for you - no, it's the first day of the week!
Anyone else share this rule? Do you have others about when labs are scheduled?

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Different Kind of Love Letter - Amelia Earhart style

Came across this tweet and thought it would be a great artifact for any kind of family studies course. Sharing here for your enjoyment and possible practical use!

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Thought I'd re-post a few past entries about end of year activities for the newbies to the blog who haven't been through the archives. Here's one from FIVE years ago - how is that possible??

At my school, seniors graduate a week before school is out (usually it winds up being longer than that for make-up days, but it was a no-Snow Day year). And, of course, our school asks that senior final grades be posted a week before that so that they can notify non-graduates. As such, seniors can be difficult to work with their last week because they know that their grades are already in. Luckily, my one class that is primarily seniors only meets twice this week because of miscellaneous senior activities, but what to do those two days? One day is "course reflection" day, where they complete their survey and write a letter to me evaluating the class. The other day I give out a "Graduation" quiz of general knowledge they should now have as almost-high school graduates. There are about 70 questions on it - here's a sampling:

What number comes after 22?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
During what month of pregnancy is it safe for a pregnant woman to drink alcohol?
What is the square root of 64?
Who was the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe?
Name any two parts of a plant.
How many states are there in the US? (SCARY answers for this one, usually)
What quantity of alcohol is safe to drink before driving? (I love it when they ask me "For someone over 21 or under 21?)
What is the date of St. Patrick's Day?
How many bones do you have once you reach adulthood?
In which ocean is Hawaii?
Where did each of the four planes crash on 9/11?
What are the first three digits of Pi?

Once they realize what kind of a quiz it is and stop moaning they really get into it. When everyone is finished, we then go over the answers. Some of the scores are pretty frightening. The kids tend to really enjoy this, and we wind up with great discussions about what they've learned, what they wish they learned, and what they think they will use the most in post-high school life. Typically this uses the entire hour, but if there's time leftover I have them try to write down as many of the US states as they can remember. Also a little frightening. It's a great way to use one of those post-grades/pre-graduation days.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

This Matters

Hi everyone! I'm slowly working my way through backlogged emails, sorry if you've been waiting for a response from me. Hopefully I'm back in business now.

And to mark my momentous return, here's something important to watch. #thismatters