Monday, April 9, 2012

Student Folders

Here's how I keep track of student behavior and performance as well as parent contact:

On the left side, I have sheets attached to fill in with dates, times, and details for any student or parent contact (calls home, holding a kid after class, grade reports, etc). I tuck copies of all notes sent home, email printouts, grade reports, carbons from referrals, accident reports... any and all relevant paperwork. If called for a last minute meeting, I just grab the folder and go! (And yes, the folders are color-coded to match the class they're in).


  1. I do something similar. Keeping track of 100 kids every semester though was just too many folders. Each class has 3 folders- one keeps all of the tests and major projects after they're graded. Students can have the projects back at the end of the class if they want (tests stay with me forever) but this way I have all the major grade assignments in one place for reference. They also have a labs folder where all the lab sheets from the foods labs are kept. I reference these regularly to make sure the same kid doesn't get assigned to dish duty twice in a row! Finally I keep another one of all discipline forms, parent permission forms, and parent contact records. It's probably not as handy as an individual folder for each kid but this is a minimum organization thing I can stay on top of!

    1. And my kids think I'm a Nazi for not allowing them to keep tests - I'll be sure to let them know next time that I'm not the only one!