Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paper Management

Papers, papers, everywhere! Any teacher of any subject has to tame the wild paper beast. Here's my method...

 Sterilite Corp. ClearView 3-Drawer Organizer 

These drawer sets are the perfect size for holding papers. I designate a drawer for each class, then one for papers that need to be filed, papers related to coaching, and all the papers we receive during meetings/in mailboxes/etc so that they're easily accessible (and easily located!). I used to use stacking trays, but these look sooooo much nicer. Throughout the week I throw my papers in which ever drawer they belong. Then I go through them once a week, file what needs to be filed, toss what needs to be tossed, sign what needs to be signed, and put all graded student work back in the student binders. I absolutely love them! They're also perfect for sorting colored paper:

Again, looks much nicer than trays, and very easy to manage! 

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