Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Milk Cartons, Time, and Space

Piggy-backing on earlier posts about organizing your ingredients table and making egg cartons more manageable, here's a tip for milk: save a couple smaller containers. Having representatives from several kitchens waiting around for the gallon jug not only uses up precious time, it's a spill waiting to happen. I divide the milk up into the smaller sizes so that more people can use them AND spills are much less likely.

Note: make sure the kids know you are reusing older containers, so they don't squawk about the old dates.


  1. Genius! And so true about them "squawk(ing) about old dates"... The sure notice (copyright) dates on worksheets, textbooks, videos, etc. If only they were that observant in all aspects of life!

    1. Haha! It IS true - and they never seem to notice actual important things, like the reminders on the boards, schedules on the wall, whether or not their item actually made it into the trash can...

  2. I like to use powdered milk when I cook with milk, I can make it on demand, it doesn't spoil before I can use it, the kids never know the difference, and I can't tell the difference either. My kitchens are split up into 2 sections, so I make a pitcher for each side. I once had to rebuy all the milk for a lab because I was suddenly Ill and out for a bit, when I got back my milk was bad so I had to push the lab back even farther.