Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Folder Crates

Quick one today - several people have asked where I found the crates that I use for my folders (see here and here for info on the folders).

Originally I purchased them at Amazon, but at the time I was able to get 7 of them for less than $26; now they're over $10 each, eep!

However, if you go directly to the company that sells them, they are $5 each with free shipping right now, and I personally think they're definitely worth that.

I'll also mention that these particular crates apparently fit perfectly in the Thirty-One utility tote that is so popular amongst teachers these days, a great way to keep files organized in your super-cute bag! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click to view the organizing utility tote that's all the rage right now on the main website, or support a fellow teacher who "deals" bags on the side over at her blog, The Caffeinated Teacher (great teacher blog by the way, even if you're not interested in the bags!).

This pic is from late November - well, must have been November 22nd to be exact, given that I have a picture of President Kennedy displayed. You can see how the folders begin to show their wear toward the end of the semester (and there's always one that gets WAY more love than the others, as you can see from #9 here).


  1. What do you use the pencil box for? I love your number system. I am going to try it this semester :) How many folders do you think can fit into your plastic containers, my max number in the classroom is 26(YIKES!) right now I use crates, but would like to free up some space if possible!

    1. I usually keep a handful of pencils in the box for the kids who forget/break/otherwise destroy their own (I loathe pencil sharpeners), with the "request" that they return them. My first hour class kept stealing them, so they went a couple of weeks without pencils to borrow :).

      I thought of that number system literally about five minutes before my first class the first day of school; it has worked beautifully! I don't know if you can tell, but in the picture I have one labeled "2.5" - that was for a student who joined class a week after school started!

      My biggest class with the crates so far was 25 and it was snug by the end of the semester, but it worked. The one I linked to above is a medium, there's also a larger size - they appear to be out on the site that I recommended above, but if you Google "Iris Open-Top File Box, Large" you can look for the best deal for you (The Container Store carries them for about $7, if you're anywhere near one). Shipping seems to be the killer on the sites I've looked at. Might be worth it for 26 folders, though!

  2. Do you sell the bin labels by any chance? I wasn't sure how you made the cute labels with the class numbers on them. :)