Saturday, June 14, 2014

Command Hooks & Blog Recommendation

Happy Summer!

Let me start with an apology to those who have emailed or commented over the past 2-3 weeks; this blog was pushed to the back burner as I transitioned out of the school year, so my responses have been delayed. I think I'm just about caught up now, and ready to begin posting some more ideas I used this past year!

Today is simply a commercial for one of my favorite things: Command Hooks! Great for hanging just about anything, and can be removed without damage to the walls. If you've read regularly for a while, you may have noticed how often they pop up in my writing. I love, love, love them! I highly recommend when you find a size and style you like, buy the big box, because you will continually be discovering uses for them. Here are just a few places you can find them in my classroom:

Unfortunately, 3M is not paying me to write this post, but if someone there would like to send me some free Command Hooks, just send me an email...

As for my blog recommendation, check out the new blog over at TX Home Ec Teacher. She's just getting started out in the blogging world and has posted a couple of great project ideas so far. We need more FACS blogs out there, so make sure you take a look and leave a comment!


  1. Hey Denise! I shared your blog on my FB page today and I wanted to let you know! I just found your blog...I'm cracking up because when I taught FCS I had some of the same thoughts you've shared! Specifically about the generic food labels...and I really liked the post about the Snoopy poster covering the mirror! You're TpT store has some neat things too! Have a great Sunday! ~Sarah

    Here are all my links...I hate the digital world because this kind of thing always looks tacky...but it's a good way to connect!
    FCS and Then really out of date blog :(
    FCS and Then Some on Facebook
    TpT Store

  2. I enjoy your website and get inspired for my own classes. I have a FACS website if you are interested in checking it out...