Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FACS Teacher Super Powers!

Here is a picture of the "teacher bag" I have been carrying for the past 14 months:

My husband brought this home from a math conference.

I know it doesn't look like much, but it is PERFECT. Perfect dimensions, perfect strap length, perfect strength, perfect everything. Except it is of course absolutely hideous. Which is a compounded sin when you are a FACS teacher, am I right? So I have promised myself over and over again I would take care of that, but you know how things go. However, this being the last night of the extended break, I decided ENOUGH WITH THE UGLY BAG ALREADY. And, voila!

Now I still have the perfect bag, only now it's perfectly lovely as well! It was also a fun and fairly easy project, so I may do this with one of my classes, we'll see.


  1. Great idea! Can you please share your directions/pattern? I agree with you that this would make a great FACS project.

    K. Graybill

    1. I will post this soon! While I was in the throes of the project I just knew I should be taking pics as I went, oh well :)!