Sunday, November 3, 2013

Currently November!

November! I am not kidding, October FLEW! Awesome! Now it's already time for a new Currently with Farley!

Listening - I think that one's pretty self-explanatory. Never buy kitten toys; ordinary household objects are the way to go.

Loving - How I love the holidays! I was in Starbucks on November 1st and saw that they had the holidays cups and the holiday lattes out, hooray! While I am usually a "Christmas doesn't begin until the day after Thanksgiving!" kind of gal, I'm feeling a bit lax about it this year. One, Turkey Day is the absolute latest it possibly can be, so that shortens up the strict definition of the season. Two, I am so ready to embrace the holiday spirit! And three, I feel that Thanksgiving, an AWESOME holiday in its own right, often gets short shrift, so I'm ready to revel in festive thankfulness.

By the way, for those of you who Facebook, check out 30 Days of Thankful - participating definitely puts you in the right frame of mind!

Thinking - I am sooooo close to finishing up this second master's, and I am sooooo ready to be done! 

Wanting - I'd love a day (and the energy, of course) to dedicate exclusively to my home. Just a chance to take care of all of those things you need a good chunk of time to take care of. I'm also the kind that was trained by my mother that the house needs to be sparkling clean before Christmas decorations go up, and I want that tree up Thanksgiving weekend! (as much as I'm embracing an earlier "holiday" season, for every day you have a tree up before Thanksgiving, Santa drowns a baby reindeer)

Needing - While I'd like time for extra household matters, I need time to get some serious planning done! I need to set the rest of the semester in stone, so that I can write those exams that are due to the office the first week of December!

A Yummy Pin - Haven't made this yet, but O.M.G.! Ice cream sandwich cake? Brilliant!

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  1. I started listening to Christmas music already! I just couldn't help myself, haha!

    1. Aaack! Oh well, I watched a Christmas movie on Saturday night. My girlfriends and I had a tradition years back of watching "Love Actually" Thanksgiving weekend. Since the husbands have come along, we've had to do it without each other (and force the husbands to watch it every year). We just all happened to be together this weekend, so we broke our solemn vow to never watch Christmas movies before T-Day! Of course, our faux pas didn't kill any cute little reindeer.... : )

  2. Mmmm....I LOVE ice cream cake! My mother-in-law does one, and I melt for it every time! Props to you for going after a second master's, and how exciting that you're almost through! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I've always thought they go hand-in-hand very well. I don't think of it as skipping over when I start decorating/singing Christmas carols, but that I'm extending. However, that's all in how you celebrate and what your personal frame of mind is.

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  3. I love, love, love Christmas!! My twins are 2 & 1/2 and are going to really "get" Christmas this year so I am so excited to start with the music and decorations!!!
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