Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Random Updates

Now that we are firmly entrenched in July, we can no longer deny that another school year is looming not too far in the distance. After all, look what is out this week:

Dun Dun DUN!!!

Most of my independent professional development this summer has been through reading - books, blogs, etc. I am almost finished reading "Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids" - there are some great ideas in here! Of course I have a whole stack to continue plowing through once that one's completed.

My big plan for the week is to compile "The Checklist" - the things that I have to start preparing for the first days of school. Syllabi, folders, binders, etc, etc. I'm already beginning to have those dreams that it's the first day of school, the desks are not arranged, and I haven't made any copies or done any preparation. Ugh!!!

In other news, I like to periodically check on pageviews for various posts so that I can see what is striking readers' fancies, and have been closely watching the race for most-viewed post. When the Best Lab Plans Fail has edged out Substitute Teachers by one view as of this morning! Okay, that's probably dorkily boring, but the sub article has had a commanding lead for well over a year so it was fun to see something overtake that one.

Hope you're having a great summer! Get that last bit of R & R in, it's almost game time!

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