Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Few More Kitchen Tips

One of my pet peeves is when measuring cups and spoons are thrown pell-mell into a drawer; it's messy and it takes the kids about ten times longer to find the tool they need. Because of this I have them put these items back on a ring after they clean up. I highly recommend to them that they take them off of the rings to begin with so that they don't have to wash all of them, but at the end they need to be hooked together again, in nested fashion.

The problem with this is that the rings that measuring cups and spoons come attached to are usually difficult to work with. You have to struggle to get them to open wide enough, and to keep them open as you add things on or take them off. Hence, I toss the plastic rings and replace them with book rings... much more user friendly!

I couldn't find any yellow ones, but they are available in colors, if you'd like them to match your kitchens. Check out the pretty green book rings:

I also have all measuring equipment kept together in one crate; that way again we're not searching for random tools. As long as they pull out the "measuring crate," they have everything they'll need to measure. A few years ago WalMart had these mini crates for sale in a myriad of colors, a perfect fit:

Finally, I just found these baskets in the $1 bins at Target about a week ago:

I load these with dish towels and dish cloths before the first lab of the day and place them in the kitchens; the students are then responsible for refilling them as part of their clean-up at the end of the lab, so that the next class will be set up. One less thing I have to do myself, and prevents later classes from running back and forth to the laundry baskets.

Simple little things like these can make all the difference, don't you think?


  1. I like the book ring idea! And I love how passionate you are about color coding! It makes things sooo much easier. One of my pet peeves with measuring equipment is how easily the markings wear off... why do they not make them more durable??!? There are a few brands that do but they are hard to find. Measuring cups/spoons with out their markings are useless in food labs.

    1. Arrrghhh, I am 100% with you on the non-permanent markings! That drives me insane!!!

  2. Where did you get your colored measuring cups? I've been looking all over and keep coming up short!

    1. The green came from WalMart five years ago; unfortunately they don't carry them anymore. The yellow though are still at Target, and they usually have red, orange, and a light blue as well!