Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time to Give Thanks

When you work in a school, there are definitely a lot of people who deserve your appreciation. So at Thanksgiving I like to prepare a treat for the secretaries and custodians/maintenance people that help keep me sane! Usually my treat of choice for this holiday is banana nut bread; it tends to get rave reviews.

 And of course I can't resist adding SNOOPY tags, with a little note on the back.

A sampling of this year's masterpieces.

I mix it up a bit during the other holidays with various treats, and add in more of the people that help me day to day. At Thanksgiving though I want to make sure I remember the biggies!

What do you do for your support staff at Thanksgiving?

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  1. Last year at Chrismas my Nutrition and Wellness class made home made hot chocolate mix and my Adv. NW made marshmallows and we created goody bags for the secretaries, custodians, principals, etc. in our buidling. It was a great way to promote our program and for the kids to say thank you to those who do so much in our building. This year I will be too busy packing to move to my new school to do this, so we are going to do some flavored popcorn in baggies.